You have heard us say that on the radio for years now. Given the way life has been gracing us with challenges, this statement is truer than ever. The real estate market, not only in Prescott, but everywhere, is once again hotter than a jalapeno in Sriracha sauce. End colorful metaphors.

The cost of construction has risen for both new construction and remodeling. The value of your existing home has done some great things for your home’s equity. Even with rising prices of existing homes, the disparity between that and new home construction is significant.

More than ever, you are better off staying put, than trying to build new.  And staying put is what has been making us all look around and think about the home we have lived in for years.

Are you working from home? Going to school from home? Are your children zooming into class?

Probably some of us will say, “All of the above!” Let us talk about space requirements for a good zoom session.

Lighting is of course critical to the visual impact of a zoom session. Behind my desk are two good sized windows. The glare makes this a terrible zoom station, so we installed shades that make the glare go away. Nighttime zoom needs the type of lighting you find in a well-lit vanity. The light needs to be on your face for you to better see in the mirror, and on your face for your computer cam to see you.

A home office works for business zoom meetings.

If you do not have such a space, adapting an existing space may take some thought. We can help with that! Carving out a space in an existing room can usually mean rearranging some things. A table or counter can work as a desk space for school or work. You need to consider what is behind you as you zoom. We have all heard the anecdotes.

If you can dedicate a room, that, of course, is best.

Sometimes walk-out basements or garages can be re-tasked to this purpose. You might need to add an outlet, finish off a piece of the space to get the backdrop and functionality you need. Having your ‘zoom’ space away from the goings on of your home can make for more productive meetings. If it is younger kids attending school, you might want that closer to you for assistance and monitoring as well.

Consider reworking an existing space to facilitate online meetings and school classes. The psychological benefits of ‘commuting’ to that space could be helpful as well.

Refreshing existing spaces you spend time in will help you as well. Something as simple as painting the cabinets, changing the flooring or even the lighting can improve how you feel about your home.

We are seeing a lot of folks wanting to refresh their spaces and that gives us the opportunity to help you find that dream home right under your feet!