That is both true and inevitable!

No matter the state of our state, the healthy families that still abound, and the fact the kids have already been home for a while, summer is happening.

Here are a couple of tips for you to prepare your House, Home, Castle, or Cabin, (thank you Rosie).

Summer typically brings short but heavy rainfalls during our summer ’Monsoons’. Take an hour and walk around your house looking for new cracks in the stucco, or area where the paint has chipped or worn off wood trim or siding. Identify what may need to be caulked or touched up with paint to prevent water from infiltrating. This not only prevents deterioration of the surface that is protecting you, it can ward off the development of mold and mildew.

I would urge you to clean your gutters out, run a garden hose in them and make sure the water from the downspouts runs away from your home and doesn’t pond.

The next part of your summer prep should be your deck, if ya got one. Start with a good deck cleaner like Wet and Forget or 30 Sec Outdoor cleaner. There are two schools of thought regarding power washing your deck. If you have a cedar, redwood or other softwood deck surface, DON’T DO IT!!!

Use a mop, a brush and maybe some elbow grease. The soft pith in the wood can be damaged by a pressure wash. If you have a synthetic deck surface, determine how chalky the surface is and if you rub your hand over the planks and feel grit on them, you might want to check with the manufacturer for a proper cleaning method. If the surface is not chalky then go for a mild, (60 to 80 psi max) power wash.

Keeping things clean, wiping up spills, especially wine if you have me over, will go a long way to making sure your deck and outdoor living will continue for many years to come!