So you are coming to Renovations’ new Design Center…

That would be at 3755 Karicio Ln., Suite D-2 behind Costco where they are building the new Costco gas station.

What should you bring?
Well, regardless of what area of the house you are working on, there are some basic thoughts and items to bring with you.

To start with, you will know what your basic goals are. Bring pictures of what you like. From home improvement magazines, and there are hundreds of them, to online sites you have visited, bring them all with you.

On each picture, indicate what attracted you to that photo. It might be a color, a window treatment, a cabinet design, flooring or lighting. These help us better understand the vision you are trying to achieve.

If you have samples of products you may have been shopping for, please bring those as well.

Perhaps the next most important elements are your thoughts. Our goal is to understand yours so we can implement an effective course of action to land on the best design possible.  

The pieces we bring are, of course samples, and a design process that includes the ability to see and feel the products that can be used in your home.

So give us a call, or come on down to the new Design Center. We’ll have the coffee ready!