Most of us, when considering a remodeling project, get to the point where we need to select a contractor. How that is done will make all the difference during the remodel and after it is done.
Some folks use the cheapest price. They usually get what they pay for.

Other folks depend on the friend of a friend. This method can also lead to mixed results.

So, how is a person to know?

There are lots of third-party companies out there who have a cadre of contractors for all trades on their list. Typically, a third party company is one where general and specific trade contractors are charged a fee to be listed by these companies. Now here’s the catch: Most, not all, of these companies do not vet the general or trades contractors at all. Not even a little. You pay your fee and you are in. Some do cursory vetting, such as look at state licensure reports, and maybe a business reviewing company. A few really dig in and want to know that contractor’s history. They interview past clients, vendors, bankers and even go so far as to complete background checks on the business owner(s).

So again, how is a person to know?

ASK! Simple, right? Yes, ask the company how they vet the companies on their lists. The answers might stun you.

Another method, tried and true, is referrals. More than just a friend of a friend mind you, I am talking about people who you know, that have had work completed by a company. If this brings you to a standstill, investigate the contractors yourself. Go online and Google them. Look at their websites. When you first call a contractor, ask them for a list of at least five clients you can call to talk about their experience. Of course the contractor will not give you names of people who will speak ill, but it is a start. Call them. Ask questions about work schedule, workers cleanliness, manners, and also about their closeout package.

While all this information will be of assistance, the decision will be up to you.