Outdoor firepits have grown in popularity over the past few years. I see them for sale in my grocery stores now!

With restrictions in many areas about burning wood, and often the side effects of wood smoke, gas firepits have become quite the rage. Sources for gas fuel can be a propane tank similar to the BBQ, or direct gas hook up the gas source for your home.

Here are some simple pointers for keeping the firepit in top working order:

Depending on usage, cleaning and checking should take place at the start of a season and if used weekly probably cleaned every other month. If use is infrequent, such as a month or more between firing it up, then it should be checked before you light it up.

Start by moving the decorative substance you are using, such as stone, faux logs, crushed glass, or any other material, off the burner. Once the complete burner is exposed wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can use a mild soap is needed but keep it light. The surface of the fire pit can be cleaned in the same way.

After cleaning the burner, expose any drains or vents to determine that they are not plugged up or compromised. As you replace the decorative stuff, sift through it to remove any bugs, or other debris. You aren’t going to want to smell that stuff burning. This last bit is very important when usage is infrequent.

Now put it all back together, open a bottle of wine, find somebody to share with, relax and enjoy.