If you are like most of us, you have probably spent more time at home over the last two months than you usually do. Both a blessing and a curse.

I am sure you have, over the course of all this, given some thought to your home. The condition of the home and more to the point, its countenance, how does it make you feel?

There was a time not too very long ago when I wrote an article about cocooning. That was where busy folks were turning parts of their home into a sanctuary of sorts to gain some respite from the daily grind. Well, how did that all work out for you over the past couple of months?

Have you begun a wish list of spaces you want to change? Or surfaces you would like to update? Most of all, how do you feel about your home? That’s right, asking yourself how your home makes you feel. Do the spaces help you feel engaged? Safe? Comfortable? Warm and fuzzy? Productive? There are tons of adjectives that we could use but I think you get the point.

Giving some thought to how your home affects you and your family, and to how you want your home to impact your lifestyle is the beginning of planning any home remodel.

At Renovations, our designers have the unique talent to help you ferret out solutions that will enhance your lifestyle. This includes looking at options for creating new space or reworking existing spaces to reach your goals. Surface finishes play a large role in generating the vibe of a space. Bright colors can be stimulating, pastels or neutrals can be soothing. Texture, surface patterns all contribute to how a place feels.

So make some notes, and call us. The initial consultation is free. Our designers are waiting to help you find the dream home that is right under your feet!

Tom Reilly