What does that even mean?

Well, I am asking you to look around the next time you are outdoors in your yard, patio, gazebo or even the front porch. Is it what you want? Do you and your family enjoy the space? Does it seem to lack something?

Not awfully specific, I know. Here are a few of the types of things to look at:

Do you cook outside? A BBQ, outdoor stove or a smoker all need space to work properly. Sometimes these devices come with an attached small counter where you can stage plates of your meats, veggies, or breads (rolls or buns). Is the space you have enough? If not, you may want to consider a premanufactured outdoor rolling counter such as a Rainer Galvanized Outdoor Storage Cart, (*Message for Tiera or Sadie: I don’t know how to include a direct link without going through Amazon or Pottery Barn).  This example costs about $100. Pretty inexpensive and handy as heck to have. You can even leave it outside in the rain, though spilling the water off the trays would be a smart move.

Do you sit outside? Most of us do, specially these days of staying close to home. For about a $1000 you can buy an outdoor couch, chair and table. www.overstock.com or www.wayfair.com, are two online sources, or the local Lowe’s or Home Depot can work. I have also seen some great items at Costco.

Lighting, and bug zappers are something to consider as well. We love the low voltage bulbs on a cord. And have even seen some particularly effective solar lights that add a relaxing ambiance to outdoor living.

All of this sounds good; the thing to take stock of though, is the outdoor space itself.

Is the patio large enough? Should I add to it? Is the landscape contributing to the ambiance you are trying to achieve? Might want to enjoy a rain storm outside at some point. It is a known fact that Arizonans are the only people in the country that go OUTSIDE when it rains. Often it is such a unique phenomenon.

Take some of your downtime to consider how you would like to improve upon your outdoor living space. If you want to discuss ideas, please don’t hesitate to call us.