Remodels & Additions

Remodels encompass so many different facets to a home. Kitchens and baths are, of course, their own special niche. They deserve that. What sometimes gets lost is all the other changes that take place in homes. Transformations from a generic contemporary home to a rustic French villa, or a clean and elegant modern home. Our portfolio runs the gamut to include a collection of diverse designs for our distinct clientele such as you.

Additions are a very popular response to increased space needs while staying where you are comfortable and the neighborhood is where you want to be. From growing families and a need to have more space for living or sleeping. The dual living room spaces speak to the diversity in entertainment tastes the parents and children can have.

We have also found that multigenerational households are increasingly popular. Here we see the need to have some spaces that are common, and some that afford the ability to have independent spaces that allow families their own time.

Another common project addresses an aging population. We address ‘Aging in Place’ changes to the home making it a safer and more functional place, as our abilities change. We have added additional living quarters for in-home caregivers. This allows these cherished new members of the family to be close by, and independent. A very important aspect of healthy lifestyle.

As with all of the fine projects we have had the pleasure to work on, our process begins with listening. That means us listening to you! Our team has developed a unique way to draw out your goals, your thoughts, and ripen them into design solutions that respond to your needs. Renovations will work with you and our drafting team to generate 3D images of the design so you can see what the final project will look like.

Once we begin the construction process, our web-based project management software keeps you in the mix every day. Whether you want to look specifications for product selections that you’ve made, review the work schedule, or simply communicate 24/7 with our team, this software is available to make it happen.

Still thinking about it? Call us for a no obligation, in-home consultation to see if we can help you.


Your house is where you live, but home is what you feel.

We’re here to help you see the dream home right under your feet.