Kitchen Remodeling

The heart of any home. We all gather in or around the kitchen. Whether cooking, baking or just visiting, this room above all others in the house gets the most attention and deservedly so.

Renovations takes great care to be certain your kitchen is everything you want and more. We start by listening to you as you relate how your kitchen needs to work. This is such an important step that so often is poorly addressed. We find that knowing your goals allows the Renovations team to develop the design components that best suit your needs.

Our design professionals have completed hundreds of successful kitchens that our clients absolutely rave about. Our client’s kitchens have spanned the spectrum.

Some love to cook. We ask about what they cook the most. Knowing the menu helps us understand the spectrum of needs. We pay attention to the preparation space; do we need a second smaller sink? Is the counter space close enough to the cooking area? How many steps to the refrigerator? Do you need a warming drawer? A cooling drawer?

Then we talk about the appliances. This includes food storage, food preparation, cooking and cleaning. Again, knowing the menu will help us guide you to the best solutions for your needs.

The cabinet needs are central to the kitchen’s functionality and its design. The ‘LOOK’ you want is largely dictated by the cabinet selection.

We carry two lines of cabinetry, Showplace, as well as J&K Cabinets. In our Design Center we will sit with you and carefully select style, color and textures that best meet your goals. Countertops have changed so much and the color, material and functionality need to be carefully chosen. Whether granite, quartz, composite, or concrete, Renovations’ expertise will help you make the right choices.

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Your house is where you live, but home is what you feel.

We’re here to help you see the dream home right under your feet.