Bathroom Remodeling

Yes it is a room. Probably the most personal one in the home. The ultimate ‘ME’ space. More than any other space or room this is where we focus on ourselves. Prepping for the day, or relaxing after the day, we pay attention to us. A warm relaxing bath letting the stresses of the day flow out of us and off somewhere, we don’t care. This is our time. Lit candles, our favorite music, and the bathroom is transformed into an oasis. This space, as with others, have morphed over the last couple of decades to become just that, an oasis. 

The shower has changed the most. Typically, a walk in with no door. The shower heads themselves have come to includes a variety of styles and streams. The typical shower head is usually about 7’ off the deck and points out toward you, but there is so much more. We utilize showers that stream from the sides, handheld that stream from where we want them to and even a large overhead stream that mimics a rain shower. The moving water relaxes tired and sore muscles from a workout to just taking care of the day.

The vanity or sink counter has changed a little but not as much as the previous tub shower changes. The counters tend to be higher. Back to 36” just like the kitchen. This move is designed to save our backs and it works. The newest version of sink is the above counter ‘Vessel’ sink. The beauty of these functional sculptures can be a stunning addition to any bathroom. On some of our bath photos you can even see how the sink faucet adds to the sculptural beauty of this area.


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