What would inspire you to change?

At the close of one year and ushering in a new one, we take a moment to reflect on the renewal of ourselves and set goals for upcoming times ahead. We first take stock of ourselves. Every inspirational discussion, from ‘Tiny Buddha’ to a myriad of inspirational quotes, all point to change happening from within our own inner selves. Whether spiritualness, mindfulness or any other ‘ness’, the years have taught all of us the truth in that.

Our environment profoundly affects our outlook at any given moment. A trail walk, shopping, enjoying a meal at a restaurant or at home, you choose, the physical surroundings in each case can add to or take away from our experience. That effect can inspire each of us.

As design/ build remodelers, our every day is involved with changing the physical environment. As with all change, the process can be positive or negative, but the results can inspire tremendous change. Our creativity is inspired. Be it a floral arrangement, or a meal, the human capacity to create from what is around us to what can be around us is the positive affirmation of change.

So how do we become inspired???

I don’t think there is a magic pill that instigates inspiration. It takes work. It takes contemplation which is not an effortless undertaking. Start by surrounding yourself with people or a space with or in you are able to be at ease. Consider yourself, however you recognize that inner space to be. Be cognizant of the thoughts that drip into your mind and sort through ones that tweak your interest. That is where inspiration begins for me. I am sure your journey will be unique to you. Whatever causes you to be inspired can also motivate you to the next stage, being creative and propelling you forward.

What does inspire you?

I would delight in knowing and even sharing thoughts (not names), in a future article hopefully sparking inspiration for another individual.

Seek to be inspired.

Tom Reilly