Last month I wrote about the need for careful planning, rising material costs, and how interest rates are low. As promised, this month I would like to follow up with the challenges of scheduling and the unintended outcomes with Change Orders.

Supply chains are, at best, backed up. Everything is taking longer to obtain. Delivery dates are fluid for a lot of items. Many sources are changing their anticipated delivery dates and delays can last weeks. Getting a delivery date is like buying a lottery ticket.

The cause has many facets. Factory starts and stops, shipping and transportation cannot keep pace, and labor shortages all contribute.

This makes scheduling exceedingly difficult. All the trades are affected by this phenomenon. But the industry is still hopping. A great many people still want to move ahead with their remodeling projects and that is good.

Another aspect of remodeling that has been exacerbated is changes in the work scope after the project has begun. Changes with a remodeling project are perhaps more likely to occur than with new construction. When behind-the-wall expectations do not meet reality, such as uncovering a structural flaw, or damage that could not have been anticipated, the contractor needs to help the homeowner resolve that issue as quickly as possible for the project to continue. In today’s climate, the speed with which issues can be addressed is seriously compromised, and typically not under the control of the trades or the general contractor.

Also, during construction homeowners, designers, and contractors see a better way of doing something that requires a change order. Now prior to last spring this sort of accommodation could be handled more expediently than today. Not so much now. Reordering materials can potentially delay a project for weeks or in the extreme, months. This later outcome can most times be avoided through upfront planning and discussion. In our process at Renovations, we make every effort to fully communicate and help our clients visualize their vision.

The reality is we all need to be in constant communication with our clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and staff. Updating everyone involved is key now more than ever. Communication and patience are more important now than ever.

Your dream home is still under your feet, we just have a few new challenges to get you there!