Prior to the early 1980’s, most homes were designed with separate rooms for separate tasks. The kitchen was next to the dining room which was down the hall from the living room which may be near the den or family room. The more rooms you had, the more value the home.

Then around the early 1980’s, our lifestyles changed regarding how we live in our homes and how we interact with the outside spaces and each other in the family. We started to see that when we entertained, most folks ended up in the kitchen anyway. It is the heart of the home.

Our spaces began to open up to each other. The walls came down and the light and air rushed in. Starting with the kitchen and dining room becoming the same space, we moved on to the living and family rooms joining in.

Here are the top 5 reasons that folks want open floor plans.

  1. Better traffic flow. Hallways are gone and the square footage they took up are now part of the rooms. It is easier to move through the spaces and you get more space.
  2.  Social interaction, with Mom and Dad and the kids being able to connect more frequently. This advantage applies to guests as well. I know in our home, even if a meal is not involved, most guests and family end up in the kitchen anyway. Might as well accommodate them!
  3.  Air, connection to the outside. Natural air circulation has a better than even chance to happen. Doors and window located properly can facilitate outdoor air flow when the temperature is right. When it is not, the heating or cooling air flow is much more efficient.
  4.  Light, the natural kind in particular. Again, with proper orientation of doors and windows daytime lighting is shared by all spaces, even those on the north side of the home. Artificial lighting is easier to share among rooms.
  5. Flexibility. Furniture layout is all kinds of flexible. Chairs and couches can be moved around near or far from dining room table. This flexibility also allows younger families to accommodate children as they grow.  The littler ones can be kept safe in a play area while Mom and Dad prepare meals in the kitchen, which is open to the play area.

Renovations has worked in hundreds of homes built before the 90’s to open up the floor plan. Most of the interior walls in 70’s and 80’s homes are not load bearing and can be removed easily. Give us a call to see how we can get you to fall in love with your home all over again.